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DaNutri GxSlim is a scientifically-based weight loss program. This is not guesswork because the recommended diet and exercise strategies are based on your unique genotype. It will help you understand how your body uses food and show you what kinds of foods you should or should not eat, where you may have deficiencies or excesses, even how you should exercise in order to optimize your weight loss results.


Online Counseling 網上諮詢

DaNutri offers individualized one on one nutrition counseling service for every client, including formulation, implementation and follow-up of nutrition therapy. Consulting fees can be deducted by health insurance. Our registered dietitian team works with our clients to set personal goals, develop a healthy eating plan,and discuss problems and corresponding solutions that may be encountered based on client's physical condition. 

纖營爲每位顧客提供個體化一對一的營養諮詢服務,包括治療方案制定、執行和後續跟進。咨詢費用可用醫療保險抵扣。我們的註冊營養師團隊會根據每位顧客的身體情況, 與顧客共同設定個人目標,制定一個健康的飲食計劃,並商討可能遇到的問題和對應的解決辦法。

Our services 我們的服務


DaNutri has a professional food and nutrition analysis software that enables us to analyze recipes for nutrition facts and create food labels for all kinds of restaurants. Our services satisfy the needs of restaurant which need nutrition labeling as well as providing accurate nutrition facts for customers. Our cooperation with restaurants will allow customers to gain trust in foods those restaurants provide. 

纖營擁有專業的食物營養分析軟件,可以為各類餐館提供食譜營養成分分析和食物標籤(food label)製作的服務,滿足餐館對菜單需要注明營養信息的要求,也讓餐館顧客能在就餐時獲得準確可靠的食物營養信息,建立顧客對貴餐館食物的信心。

Nutrition Testing 營養檢測

DaNutri provides genetic test for nutrients, genetic test for diseases, or food intolerance for clients as they needed. After receiving the test result, our registered dietitian team interprets the test result for clients. Based on the test result, we guide clients for dietary changes and develop a more suitable diet plan for clients according to their physical condition.   


Restaurant 餐館

Company 公司

Individual 個人

Besides visiting our clinic, DaNutri also offers online nutrition counseling for clients all over the world. Through a video conference, clients can work with registered dietitian to set personal goals, get dietary advice, and receive continuous support any where in the world. DaNutri aims to help you adjust the lifestyle that fits you most and walk with you step by step to achieve your nutritional goals.

除了親臨我們診所以外,我們更爲身處其他國家和地區的顧客提供網上營養諮詢,顧客可以通過與營養師的視頻會議得到同等的服務。通過網上面談,纖營旨在幫助您調整一個最符合您個人需要的生活方式, 並與您共同實踐營養目標。

GxSlim 基因瘦身

醫學營養顧問中心 Medical Nutrition Consulting Center

Our registered dietitian team serves at many adult day care centers in New York as contracted nutrition consultant. We design nutrition plans, supervise the quality of menus, and hold nutrition presentations to share health knowledge with members and give members an opportunity to do one on one nutrition counseling. In addition, our registered dietitian team provides educational activities for other agencies such as insurance companies and community centers.