To schedule an appointment

(Please refer to the tutorial video at the bottom)

How to View Your Goals 


  • 100% HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing and messaging

  • Wearable Device & Mobile App Integration

  • Take pictures of food and receive feedback from your dietitian

  • Upload documents such as medical tests to the Web Portal and communicate with your dietitian with ease

Fruit Street 是否符合HIPAA標準?

  • Fruit Street通過與世界上最大的遠程醫療平台VSee有合資協議,提供符合HIPAA標準的遠程醫療軟件。 提供的視頻諮詢百分百符合HIPAA標準及FDA註冊認可,以供超過300萬用戶使用。

Unlimited Sessions per year



(each 30 minutes 每次三十分鐘)​

有哪些可攜式電子設備和手機應用程序能與Fruit Street連接?

  • Fruit Street的軟件目前與所有Fitbit設備連接,包括Fitbit Flex和Fitbit Aria。 在將來,Fruit Street將與由FDA批准的供應商連接,例如iHealth Labs等,提供血壓袖帶和血糖儀。



How to View Your FitBit Data 


Six Sessions

per year



(each 30 minutes 每次三十分鐘)

Want to stay home?​


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To Enter a Scheduled Appointment

(Please refer to the tutorial video at the bottom)

Tutorial Videos 示範影片

How to Schedule an Appointment


Is Fruit Street HIPAA Compliant?

  • Fruit Street offers HIPAA compliant telehealth software built through a joint venture agreement with VSee, the world’s largest telehealth platform. provides video consultations through a 100% HIPAA compliant, FDA-registered telehealth product utilized by more than 3 million users.

Which Wearable Devices Integrate With Fruit Street?

  • Fruit Street's software currently integrates with all Fitbit devices, including the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Aria scale. In the future, Fruit Street will be integrating with FDA approved devices from vendors such as iHealth Labs, including blood pressure cuffs and glucometers.



  1. 在預約時間 10-15 分鐘之前登入您的帳戶,點擊“Enter Waiting Room”。
  2. 填寫您個人信用卡資料。(不會被扣除款項)
  3. 點撃 “Proceed to Consultation”開始視頻諮詢。
  4. 視頻諮詢會在註冊營養師進入候診室而開始。

What Happens Next? 



Learn about Online Counseling


During the video counseling session, you will be interviewed by one of our registered dietitians. We will work together to build a healthy diet tailored just for you, to set personal goals, and to overcome any obstacles you may encounter. 

現在您也可以選擇網上就診。在視頻諮詢的過程中,我們的註冊營養師會根據您的情況, 與您共同制定一個健康的飲食計劃,設定個人目標,並商討面對的問題和相應的解決辦法。


How to Connect Your FitBit


If your appointment was scheduled through Fruit Street:

  1. Log in to your account. You will see a green “Start Your Visit” button on the right side of the screen under “Reminders”.
  2. Click “Proceed to Consultation” to start your online counseling session.
  3. Your online counseling will begin when registered dietitian enters the room.
  1. You will receive an invitation email within 2-3 business day. If you didn't receive an email, call us at (718) 961–1496 or email us at
  2. Click “Sign Up Now” in the invitation email and follow the instruction on the website to complete the registration.
  3. You will need to to download the HIPAA compliant video conferencing software "Vsee" in order to start the video sessions with the dietitian.

Special Features 服務特色

If your appointment was scheduled through phone call/email/messaging:

  1. Log in to your account 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time and click “Enter Waiting Room”.
  2. Enter your payment information. (you will not be charged)
  3. Click “Proceed to Consultation” to start your online counseling session.
  4. Your online counseling will begin when registered dietitian enters the room.


How to View Upcoming Appointments


  • 絕對保密的視頻會議和訊息傳遞

  • 連接可攜式電子設備和手機應用程式

  • 把每餐的食物照片傳送至營養師並獲得反饋

  • 網上上傳文件如醫療測試報告, 輕鬆與註冊營養師溝通

Hate Traffic?​


醫學營養顧問中心 Medical Nutrition Consulting Center

​​(718) 961-1496
(646) 852-6161​​
  1. Log in to your account. Click the “Team” tab at the top of your screen and look for "Ida Lam".
  2. Click on the blue “See Provider” button.
  3. Type the reason for your visit in the pop up box. Click the green “Continue” button.
  4. Click “Schedule an appointment” to secure a time slot
  5. Click to choose your appointment time slot and click “Confirm” to complete.
  6. You will immediately receive a confirmation email.
  7. You are also welcome to schedule a counseling session via phone (718)961-1496 / (646) 852-6161, email or messaging.

No need to deal with crazy traffic or bad weather! You can just stay home or anywhere you are, and get connected with your registered dietitian. DaNutri’s Online Nutrition Counseling service can save you tons of time and energy in your busy life. We use a HIPAA compliance software “Fruit Street” to securely connect you with a Registered Dietitian. You can even upload your lab results or other reports, log meal intake and exercise regimen, and get feedback from your Registered Dietitian. 

It's safe, convenience and easy!

  1. 確認付款後二至三個工作日内,我們會通過電郵發送邀請信給您。如您未收到電郵,請致電 (718) 961 – 1496/ (646) 852 – 6161 或電郵至。
  2. 在邀請郵件上點撃”Sign up now”,然後按照網站上的說明去完成註冊登記。
  3. 您需要下載 VSee, 一個符合HIPAA標準的視頻會議軟件。​

如您是通過Fruit Street預約網上諮詢:

  1. 登入您的帳戶。在頁面右邊的”Reminders”之下點擊“Start your visit”這個綠色按鈕。
  2. 點撃 “Proceed to Consultation”開始視頻諮詢。
  3. 視頻諮詢會在註冊營養師進入候診室而開始。

Online Nutrition Counseling


不需要為麻煩的交通,惡劣的天氣而操心,您只需要留在家中或任何地方的與您的註冊營養師聯繫! 纖營新推出的網上營養諮詢服務能讓忙碌的您節省大量時間和精力,我們使用絕對保密的視頻軟件 “Fruit Street”,讓您放心地與註冊營養師進行會談。您更可以上傳驗血報告或其他報告,輸入飲食記錄和運動規律,並獲得註冊營養師的反饋。


How to Cancel an Appointment


One Time



(30 minutes 三十分鐘)

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​Stay Connected with Your

Registered Dietitian Anywhere You Go!



  1. 登入您的帳戶,在頁面的最上方點擊“Team”找到“Ida Lam”
  2. 點擊 “See Provider” 這個藍色按鈕。
  3. 在彈出的對話框內說明想諮詢的内容,然後點撃 “Continue”這個綠色按鈕繼續。
  4. 點撃 “Schedule an appointment” 預約。
  5. 選擇預約時間,點撃 “Confirm” 去完成預約。
  6. 您會立即收到一個認證的電郵。
  7. 您亦可通過電話(718)961-1496/ (646) 852 – 6161、電郵或者短信去預約網上視頻諮詢。