About DaNutri 關於纖營

醫學營養顧問中心 Medical Nutrition Consulting Center


Mission 使命

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DaNutri strives to become the best nutrition support and helps clients to enjoy a happy and healthy life.


“DaNutri strives to guide clients to a healthier lifestyle by providing the finest nutrition counseling and education through Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).”

“纖營”致力於引導客戶到一個更健康的生活方式。我們利用醫學營養療程(簡稱“MNT”)來給予客戶最好的營養咨詢 和教育。

What is MNT?

Western medicine has been established to solve health problems using drugs and supplements. Handling the same tasks, Chinese medicine puts emphasis on managing body functions with herbs and natural remedies. Both of these approaches have their own merits. However, they also unavoidably come with their own disadvantages. Western medicine often solves a health issue at the cost of introducing another, while Chinese medicine lacks the robust efficiency and analytical precision that western medicine has.


MNT offers a hybrid approach of western and Chinese medicine to deal with health problems and maintain body homeostasis. MNT carries out its influence to the body through a balanced diet, with minimal side effects, sometimes even without the notice of the clients.


Let DaNutri help you and DECODE YOUR HEALTHY DIET through MNT!