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We will do a simple cheek swab at DaNutri office then send to the lab for analysis. A comprehensive report will be given to you with specific details about the kinds of food you should or should not eat, and the types of exercise you should perform.


Genetic Test For Weight Loss - GxSlim

基因瘦身測試 - GxSlim

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GxSlim is a scientifically-based weight loss program. This is not guesswork because the recommended diet and exercise strategies are based on your unique genotype. It will help you understand how your body uses food and show you what kinds of foods you should or should not eat, where you may have deficiencies or excesses, even how you should exercise in order to optimize your weight loss results.  

醫學營養顧問中心 Medical Nutrition Consulting Center

How to do the test?


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Genetic Test GxSlim




Learn about GxSlim

了解基因瘦身 GxSlim

√ Analysis of 16 weight-related genetic traits

√ Food recommendations (includes macronutrient breakdown and caloric needs)

√ Nutrient recommendations (includes supplement suggestions)


√ Exercise recommendations (includes cardio and strength training)

Special Features 服務特色

√ 分析16個與體重相關的遺傳特徵

√ 食物建議 (包括營養素分析和熱量需求)

√ 營養建議 (包括營養補充品建議)

√ 運動建議 (包括有氧運動和力量訓練)