1. Open up the invitation email 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time and click “Join” button.
  2. You don’t need to create an account to join the presentation. Simply create a display name and enter your email address and click “Join As Guest.” You can sign in if you have an account.
  3. You may want to Add WebEx to your browser but it’s not required, click “Add Webex to Firefox” button to add WebEx extension to the browser.
  4. Click “Call Using Computer” button to connect to the audio. It should turn green after it’s successfully connected.
  5. Click “End Meeting” to leave.

Mandarin 9:00 pm 國語 晚上九時正

English 6:00 pm 英語 晚上六時正

We will resume this service soon. Stay tuned!


醫學營養顧問中心 Medical Nutrition Consulting Center

Care About Health, Care About Nutrition. 


Upon completion of the registration form, you will receive an invitation email within 1-2 business days

DaNutri is happy to introduce this Virtual Nutrition Presentation to you! Learn new things comfortably at home or anywhere you go. NO traveling is needed, NO waiting in line is needed, and NO payment is needed. It is a good way for you to connect with a registered dietitian face to face online just like chatting with your friends. 


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Virtual Nutrition Presentation



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We will resume this service soon. Stay tuned!



Cantonese 8:00 pm 廣東話 晚上八時正


  1. 在預約時間前10-15分鐘,打開邀請郵件並點擊“Join”按鈕。
  2. 您不需要建立一個新帳戶以參加講座。您只需建立一個顯示名稱並輸入您的電郵地址,然後點擊“Join As Guest”按鈕。如果你有帳戶的話,你亦可登入您的帳戶。
  3. 您可能想添加Webex插件到您的瀏覽器,但這不是必需的,點擊“Add Webex to Firefox”按鈕,把Webex插件添加到瀏覽器。
  4. 點擊“Call Using Computer” 按鈕連接音頻。音頻連接成功後,按鈕應該會變成綠色。
  5. 點擊“End Meeting” 按鈕離開視像講座。

We will resume this service soon. Stay tuned!


Joining the Virtual Presentation

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(646) 852-6161​​

What Happens Next?

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2/22/2017  Food Safety  食物安全 
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4/26/2017  Osteoporosis  骨質疏鬆
5/24/2017  Arthritis  關節炎
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7/26/2017  Fall Prevention  預防跌倒
8/23/2017  Eating Difficulties  進食困難
9/27/2017  Portion Control  飲食份量
10/25/2017  Hypertension  高血壓
11/22/2017  High Cholesterol  高血脂症
12/27/217  Diabetes  糖尿病